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Benefits of buying new

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Right for you

Choose a property that suits your needs perfectly. We offer lots of choice so you can pick the style, size and specifications that best match your requirements and your budget. Our homes are designed around the needs of the modern family and many feature flexible, open-plan layouts. They also come complete with a wide range of new fixtures and fittings, including stylish contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. This means that you’ll spend less money when you move in.


New homes must meet stringent environmental standards. Thanks to their well-insulated walls, roofs and windows, as well as energy-efficient heating systems, they use less energy to run than older properties. And because they are more energy efficient, they are cheaper to run.

Why buy new trio

Quality built in

When you buy a new home, you can be sure that it will be built to the high standard demanded by the latest building regulations. The difference in quality between old homes and new builds can be seen in many different ways – from high quality, energy efficient windows to more advanced building techniques such as the use of brick and timber frames. What’s more, for your added peace of mind, all Walker Group homes come with a 10 year NHBC Warranty.

No hidden costs

If you buy an old house it is very likely that you’ll have significant refurbishment or upgrade costs to re-model the property to suit your needs and to deal with problems such as damp and dry rot. You might well have to fit new central heating, double glazing or insulation and upgrade fittings and fitments – all things you won’t have to do with a new build home.

Hassle free and easier to buy

New homes offer less hassle. There are no chains to worry about and no need to wait for existing owners to move out before you can move in. Our experienced sales consultants can support you on your buying journey and answer any question you may have. What’s more, the industry-led New Homes Quality Code and Consumer Code for Home Builders makes the new home buying process fairer and more transparent, giving new builds another advantage over second-hand properties. Find out more about our Consumer Codes.